When a battery pack arrives, it is analyzed for functionality. This process is fully automated to achieve as stable a result as possible.

To recover

After the analysis, the computer generates a report in which the data can be assessed per cell and it can be decided what to do with the battery pack. The broken battery cells are replaced with good refurbished battery cells. After replacing the broken cells, the entire battery is reconditioned so that it is again optimal for use.

To test

After the battery pack has been recovered, it will be fully analyzed once again. If there are no more error messages, the battery pack is ready for use.

Replace battery pack

We have battery packages in stock, so if you have a broken battery package then it can be immediately replaced by a completely overhauled battery package. We then remove the old battery pack to replace it with a completely overhauled battery pack. Your old battery package will be taken by us so that we can overhaul it again.